About Us
We have been married since 1994 and together for twenty-three years! At the core of our long-term marriage is love, trust, respect, and most important, a shared sense of humor. We are originally from Chicago, Illinois and met in college at the University of Illinois where we were both working on undergraduate degrees.  Shortly after college, we moved to Sunnyvale, California, about 40 miles south of San Francisco. Over the years, we built our careers, developed several strong lasting friendships, discovered new interests, and eventually started our family.

We struggled with infertility for three years before conceiving our daughter, Nicole, and then struggled again before being blessed with our son, Matthew.  Wanting a third child, we tried to get pregnant again, but could not conceive.  It was then that we began learning about fully open adoption.  We feel blessed to have two children yet we do not feel it is necessary to conceive a baby ourselves to love them as our own. Although most families coming into open adoption would like a newborn, we would welcome adopting an older child.

Our lives are centered on our children.  In addition to Nicole and Matthew are our “four-legged” children, Gypsy and Murphy, and Nicole’s frog Granola.   We spend many of our weekends and evenings reading books to the kids, playing board games, and playing in the backyard.  Our travel now is primarily to the nearby beach, the snow, Disneyland, Sea World, or back to Illinois to spend time with our extended family.