My Husband Jim (as told by Teresa)
Jim is the youngest of four boys.  One of the first things I learned about Jim’s family when I met him was that his mother is great at entertaining.  I think this is how Jim became such a friendly people person. When Jim finds time to do something for himself it inevitably involves exercise – biking has been a favorite of his for years and he enjoys the physical challenge of keeping in shape.

Jim is a wonderful father.  He is patient, kind, and really listens to our children. Jim is always willing to go on the rollercoaster with Nicole, read the same book to Matthew for the fifth time in a row, build another sandcastle at the beach, or go into the “too cold for Mommy” water.  He is also the cook in the family and enjoys making us healthy meals.  Finally, Jim is the fix-it and build-it guy, he loves figuring out why something doesn’t work and fixing it or building something like our play structure.  I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else!